What is an Ultra Tower?

This was a project I undertook between my Freshman & Sophomore years. I needed more space in my computer, so I decided to built a massive computer case. Slightly insane, yes, but it worked very well. Sometimes the urge to build something is overwhelming. This case was very well known in my dorm, and was a very practical way to deal with all the computing hardware I had bound together in one system.

My Case

An Ultra Tower is just what it sounds like - a huge tower built for the purpose of storing lots and lots of computer stuff within.  Why might one build an ultra-tower?

Running out of space in a regular tower.

Building furniture and computers at once!

Good way to spend a month.

Spend $150 for a case you can't buy anywhere.

To be unique and cool.

The knowledge of knowing you are the ONLY PERSON ON THE PLANET with your case! :-)



Following is a guided tour though my Ultra Tower.