Educational Objectives

When I first started at Iowa State, I had very little idea what I wanted to focus on outside computers. I selected a basically random sampling of general education classes, some that looked interesting, some that looked easy. As I began taking classes, I realized that I was most likely not going to get into the electives I wanted, so began selecting them from semester to semester. Fall 2003 I discovered the Classical Studies program while taking a course on Ancient Greece, I really enjoyed the course, the teacher, and the subject matter. Spring 2004 I am taking another two Classical Studies courses, and I'm looking at possibly getting a minor in Classical Studies, though that would require another year of classes.

Other general ed classes I've taken have covered religion, sign language, astrophysics, and psychology. I also have been involved in the ISUCF"V"MB (Marching band) for four years, as a clarinet for the first two and a sousaphone for the second two.