Russell Edward Graves

Contact Information
4497 Friley Converse. Ames, IA 50012

Objective Statement
To obtain a summer, intern, or co-op position in the field of computer engineering to acquire practical work experience with hardware design and verification or enterprise system administration prior to graduating.

Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa
B.S., Computer Engineering, May 2005
GPA: 3.39/4.0

Downers Grove North High School, Downers Grove, Illinois
General Ed, June 2000

Computer Experience

Operating Systems
Extensive experience using & administering Linux, Mac OS X & Classic, IRIX 6.5, Windows 2k/XP
Competent with Windows NT4 & 9x

Extensive experience in Perl (CGI and standalone). Familiar with C, C++. Experience with assembly on small controllers.

Networking/Systems Administration
Experienced in production networked environments with a mix of Windows, Linux, and OS X clients. Extensive experience using Linux and IRIX as a server platform.

Extensive experience with PC and Mac troubleshooting and maintenance, including experience with SCSI, RAID, SMP.

Work Experience

College of Agriculture, Iowa State University
Sept 2003 - Present
Mac & Linux support for several departments. Development of a bootable DVD restore image for OS X & Linux fileserver administration

Agronomy Dept, Iowa State University
May 2003 - August 2003
Linux/IRIX administration, supporting 30+ machines. Experience with large IDE RAID arrays, MPI clustering, NFS, NIS

Feb 2002 - Present
Transit bus driver in a town of 50,000.

Iowa State Student Network Access Program Team Member
Fall 2001 - Sept 2003
Installing network cards, configuring systems for network access, installing network applications, and general troubleshooting of all types of student systems. Extensive work with virus/worm removal from Windows machines.

Micro Center, Westmont, IL
April 2000 - Feb 2002
General Sales Associate. Sales of computer hardware and accessories.

Mulunkey! Software
Marketing and Web Engineer
Spring 2000 Spring 2002
Client/server software development, web server administration, marketing/distribution

Downers Grove North High School, Downers Grove, IL
Summer 1998, 1999, Fall 1999
Computer upgrade, repair, install, cleaning, and troubleshooting in a school with 300+ computers.

National Merit Finalist
Member of National Honor Society

Marching Band (4 years)
RockISU Lighting Crew Member (4 years)
Intramural Chair, Converse House 2002